The Green Closet is a fully sustainable lifestyle fashion brand based in Houston, Texas. In partnership with ReUse Textile Recycling Services, we strive to revolutionize personal clothing consumption on a global scale by leading our unique vision to the forefront of the fashion industry.


Our influence inspires a new era of cognizant consumerism. Our efforts keep millions of pounds of textiles out of growing landfills annually and promote an environmentally conscious fashion industry.

There are enough clothes already on the planet for us to never have to make any new clothing again. 

The production process for denim is one of the most unsustainable and polluting in the apparel industry.

We have a huge selection of re-worn and re-fit vintage, distressed and like-new denim for you! Choose your denim the way you want to wear it by wash, fit and style.

All of our re-worns are carefully curated to help you develop your own unique personal style. Create your own identity while saving the planet.

Personal style is developed through your own feelings, culture and aesthetics. The Green Closet believes in catering to everyone’s own journey with personal style by eliminating the idea of gender through clothing, allowing you to decide on your own fits by measurement as opposed to size and thinking more about the style of the clothing vs the brands.

Everyone should have the ability to develop their own personal style regardless of gender categories.
You decide how you want to wear your clothes and give these clothes, and yourself, a new story. Time to flaunt your fits!