Through Shopping Secondhand Re-Worn Fashion

Help Save Mother Earth

At The Green Closet, We Reinvent Waste.

About Us

The Green Closet is a fully sustainable lifestyle fashion brand based in Houston, Texas. In partnership with ReUse Textile Recycling Services, we strive to revolutionize personal clothing consumption on a global scale by leading our unique vision to the forefront of the fashion industry.

We revitalize and repurpose garments through our platform of seamless secondhand consumption. Our efforts keep millions of pounds of textiles out of growing landfills annually and promote an environmentally conscious fashion industry.

Our influence inspires a new era of cognizant consumerism. We empower our customers to reassess their shopping methods and fully realize the environmental impact of their closets. The Green Closet insights change within the fashion industry, inspiring a new generation of conscious consumers. The time to elevate your closet is now!


Our clothing is a curated collection of second-hand, vintage, and thrift. This means that the clothing spans different decades, brands, ages, genders and countries of origin. All of these factors play into how the sizes and the measurements differentiate from garment to garment.

For example: The measurements on one Large garment may not match the measurements on another Large garment given these factors. 

Please pay attention to the measurements as much as the listed label size when shopping! And always feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.


Like New- Condition is either brand new or looks like it was never worn.

Great- Condition is great with very minimal wear. There may be some signs of minimal wear but nothing heavily impactful to the garment.

Good- Condition is good with signs of wear to the garment. There could potentially be small holes, discoloration due to age, a small stain, etc.

Worn- Condition is worn. There may be more wear and tear on the garment. A lot of the time this adds character to the garment.

*Due to the re-worn nature of our garments, when applicable, please wash before wear.

All garments are recycled, secondhand, and/or vintage. They can have visual signs of wear, fading, and may have some stains.

Returns or exchanges are not accepted, all sales are final.



There are enough clothes already on the planet for us to never have to make any new clothing again. The production process for denim alone is one of the most unsustainable and polluting in the apparel industry.

All of our re-worns are carefully curated to help you develop your own unique personal style. Create your own identity while saving the planet.

Personal style is developed through your own feelings, culture and aesthetics. The Green Closet believes in catering to everyone’s own journey with personal style by eliminating the idea of gender through clothing.

Everyone should have the ability to develop their own personal style regardless of gender categories.
You decide how you want to wear your clothes and give these clothes, and yourself, a new story. Time to flaunt your fits!